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Health News From the BBC

Instagram eating disorder content 'out of control' 20/03/2019 17:00
Psychiatrists raise concerns as the BBC finds children are swapping extreme images of weight loss.
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Unprecedented drug shortage linked to Brexit, NHS bosses say 20/03/2019 19:19
Hospitals in England are experiencing a "spike" in medicine shortages, an NHS leader tells BBC Newsnight.
» Full Story...

Potent cannabis increases risk of serious mental illness, says study 20/03/2019 01:50
People who use potent cannabis increase their risk of serious mental illness, according to researchers.
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Childcare offered for free to smear-test mums 20/03/2019 12:53
Dozens of providers are offering an hour of free care so mothers can attend cervical screening appointments.
» Full Story...

Parkinson's smell test explained by science 20/03/2019 00:11
A woman who can smell Parkinson's disease helps scientists discover what causes the musky odour.
» Full Story...

San Francisco moves to ban e-cigarettes until health effects known 20/03/2019 09:37
The law would halt sales until vaping's health effects are fully evaluated by US regulators.
» Full Story...

Medicinal cannabis: 'Patients still in limbo' 19/03/2019 18:01
It could take years for patients to get medicinal cannabis on the NHS, a parliamentary committee has heard.
» Full Story...

Gestational diabetes: Women left at risk, say researchers 20/03/2019 00:03
Left untreated, gestational diabetes can increase the risk of a stillbirth and other complications.
» Full Story...

Weedkiller glyphosate a 'substantial' cancer factor 20/03/2019 09:02
Jury to consider damages after one of the world's most widely-used weedkillers is blamed for cancer.
» Full Story...

People don't become 'adults' until their 30s, say scientists 19/03/2019 07:24
Experts say people aged 18 are still going through changes in the brain that can affect behaviour.
» Full Story...

Egg freezing: Behind the scenes of a fertility clinic 19/03/2019 02:19
With more and more women considering it, what exactly does egg freezing involve?
» Full Story...

Cancer doctor shortage 'puts care at risk' 19/03/2019 02:07
Despite patients urgently needing treatment, 7.5% of key posts are vacant, a study of NHS staffing finds.
» Full Story...

Communication at infection outbreak hospital 'not great' 19/03/2019 14:58
MSPs are told of communication issues between infection control nurses and maintenance staff at an outbreak-hit Glasgow hospital.
» Full Story...

MPs call for tax on social media companies 18/03/2019 07:35
Their report says the money should be used to fund research into the health impact of social media.
» Full Story...

Children's noses 'hold clues' to serious lung infections 16/03/2019 00:05
A study finds the bacteria and viruses in the nose could give clues to improve the diagnosis.
» Full Story...

First weight-loss surgery unit planned for Northern Ireland 19/03/2019 10:18
The estimated costs of people being obese and overweight in Northern Ireland is £457m a year.
» Full Story...

McDonald's: Tom Watson urges chain to drop Monopoly campaign 17/03/2019 09:25
The campaign is a "danger to public health" as it encourages people to eat more, says MP Tom Watson.
» Full Story...

NHS let me down, says health manager with cancer 14/03/2019 16:07
A patient with late-stage bowel cancer hits out as figures show cancer waits are at their worst level since records began.
» Full Story...

Ellie Long inquest: Norfolk trust must take action after death 18/03/2019 18:25
A coroner calls for changes at a health trust following the death of 15-year-old Ellie Long.
» Full Story...

Mushrooms may 'reduce the risk of mild brain decline' 14/03/2019 11:46
Eating the fungi more than twice a week cut people's risk of memory and language problems, a study found.
» Full Story...

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