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Health News From the BBC

'Dangerous complacency' to global HIV epidemic risks resurgence 19/07/2018 23:01
The response to the global HIV pandemic is risking a resurgence of the disease, experts warn.
» Full Story...

Alternative cancer therapies linked to reduced survival 19/07/2018 23:37
Cancer patients who receive alternative therapies are more likely to shun proven treatments, a study finds.
» Full Story...

Low NHS morale is 'heartbreaking' says Matt Hancock 20/07/2018 20:17
The new health secretary says technology, the workforce and prevention will be his top priorities.
» Full Story...

IVF: NHS couples 'face social rationing' 20/07/2018 03:29
Eight out of 10 of CCGs in England do not offer IVF to couples if one partner has previous children.
» Full Story...

Medicinal cannabis 'should be available on prescription' 19/07/2018 15:36
The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs recommends rules should be changed for these drugs, if safe.
» Full Story...

Plan to teach all children first aid 19/07/2018 17:40
It comes after an inquiry into the Manchester bombing found that many adults lacked life-saving skills.
» Full Story...

Private firms cash in on over-stretched NHS 18/07/2018 23:35
Hospitals, ambulances and mental health services are spending £1bn a year on care from outside the NHS.
» Full Story...

Morrisons introduces 'autistic shopping hour' 19/07/2018 11:59
Stores will dim lights, turn music off and avoid using the tannoy on Saturdays from 09:00 to 10:00.
» Full Story...

Delays in radiology results 'affecting patient care' 18/07/2018 23:35
The health regulator found huge variations in the time taken to report on radiology examinations.
» Full Story...

Brain damage 'more likely in cardiac arrest patients given adrenaline' 18/07/2018 23:36
It increased the chances of survival but patients were more likely to have brain damage, a study finds.
» Full Story...

Patients face autism referral and assessment 'lottery' 18/07/2018 16:38
Children and adults in England can face a wait of more than two years for an autism assessment, data reveals.
» Full Story...

HPV jab should be given to boys, committee says 18/07/2018 15:54
Adolescent boys as well as girls should get the vaccine, an advisory committee says.
» Full Story...

Fish oil supplements for a healthy heart 'nonsense' 18/07/2018 08:31
The evidence around omega-3 supplements is flimsy at best, say experts.
» Full Story...

Sensible, family-loving teens behind pregnancy rate drop 17/07/2018 23:41
This may explain the sharp fall in teen pregnancies, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service says.
» Full Story...

Too many babies overfed, experts fear 18/07/2018 05:35
Government advisers publish new guidance - the first in more than 20 years - on healthy feeding for babies.
» Full Story...

Schools alone cannot fix childhood obesity, says Ofsted boss 18/07/2018 00:14
Factors beyond the school gate make it impossible for schools to affect pupils' weight, says report
» Full Story...

Holly Greenhow: Girl with cerebral palsy gets £15m NHS payout 17/07/2018 14:30
Holly Greenhow's mum says "no amount of money or apology will bring back what we should have had".
» Full Story...

Menopause: Lack of specialist care 'limits treatments' 17/07/2018 23:31
A woman who went through early menopause was told to 'get on with it' because of a lack of specialist care.
» Full Story...

Is heading a football bad for your health? 17/07/2018 16:33
Study of retired players hopes to provide a definitive answer on the risks of repeatedly heading the ball.
» Full Story...

Editing human embryos 'morally permissible' 16/07/2018 23:33
An independent inquiry gives go-ahead to genetically altering human embryos, but advises caution.
» Full Story...

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